feed the kids

The Grande Prairie Catholic District’s Education Foundation serves up over 8,800 breakfasts annually, and the Grande Prairie Public District’s Education Foundation helps about 850 kids daily. Because of this need, imageDESIGN teamed up with Tangled Bobbin, Wapiti Gravel Suppliers and the Grande Prairie Downtown Association to host the 3rd annual Feed The Kids Food Truck Fundraiser on June 13th. In 2017, Feed the Kids raised $14,046. In total, Feed the Kids has raised $26,308.30.


some things people are saying
about Feed The Kids:

I can’t express enough how appreciative we are of this event!  We definitely count on these funds to support our kids and their learning!

I’m so grateful to be included and appreciate all of your staff’s time and dedication to help pull off an awesome event!  The weather and food were great, but the event running so smoothly was a testament to you and your team!  I expect this event will only get bigger!!

Thank-you again, we sincerely appreciate it!

Laura LaValley, GPPSD

WOW! This is amazing. Thank you so much for all that you have done to make this a huge success. Your support for the snack programs and feeding those in need is so appreciated.

Kari Prichard, GPCSD

Great job, thanks for the awesome food. Funds raised for a wonderful cause. Thank you for all the hard work from everyone involved!

Keri Finch

Hosted Feed The Kids. Great food for a good cause. Two thumbs up!!

Heath Tranter