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A Decade of Homes and Land

By Christina Lawrence-Eklund

If you own a home or have ever considered buying one, you’ve likely leafed through a Homes & Land of Grande Prairie and Area magazine. With hundreds of real estate listings in each monthly issue, this free resource is a great way to connect property buyers and sellers across the Peace Country. For Bryan Fedoruk, the man behind the magazine, 2018 marks 10 years with the publication.

Born in Fairview, Bryan grew up on a farm 20 miles outside of the community and enjoyed what he calls, “a fabulous childhood.” Although he loved country life, Bryan was eager to gain a different perspective so he set out for college in Calgary. “It was probably the best thing I did,” he acknowledges. After taking Mount Royal’s radio broadcasting course from 1984 to 1985, he landed his first job as a news reporter in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Once he had experience in some smaller towns, he returned to Grande Prairie in 1990.  “And I haven’t left,” he laughs. “That says a lot for the community and I just love it here. It’s a great fit for me.”

Following 22 years in radio news, Bryan recognized that it was time for a change. In 2008, during dinner with a friend from Calgary, he discovered Homes & Land, a North American real estate publication. “It was already in Western Canada’s major markets. My friend told me someone bought the franchise in Red Deer and had great success,” Bryan explains. Many wondered how it would fare in another mid-sized city like Grande Prairie. “I made a decision within a week.”

With no prior publishing, sales or marketing experience, Bryan’s new venture was not without risk. “There were definitely knots in my stomach when I was launching!” he divulges. Anxiety aside, Bryan immersed himself in his new role: educating realtors and businesses about Homes & Land. Many clients recognized his engaging voice from radio, helping bridge the gap between his past and present.

Homes & Land serves as a dual marketing tool for realtors. “It’s not just the magazine,” Bryan clarifies, “it’s also online. So, if a client has a full page in the magazine with 8 listings, but he’s carrying 25 listings, he can have them all on the website.” He notes the explosion of the Internet has also helped buyers and sellers become more informed. “In some cases, potential buyers research up to six months before even calling a realtor. They know what they’re looking for and what they want to spend. If they’re selling, they generally know the value of their homes.”

Bryan admits it’s surprising that he’s been a part of Homes & Land for a decade. “The older you get, the faster life goes,” he chuckles. He emphasizes his success would not have been possible without the help of ImageDesign. “Nan and everyone there has been very supportive. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they’ve been throughout the whole 10 years.” Grinning, he concludes, “I was wise to hitch my wagon to that horse.”


For Bryan Fedoruk, the man behind the magazine, 2018 marks 10 years with the publication.


imageDESIGN has worked with Bryan on Homes & Land for the past 10 years and counting!

Contributor: Christina Lawrence-Eklund

Christina Lawrence-Eklund is a freelance writer from North Rolla, B.C. She believes in helping people share their stories and has written for numerous local publications and businesses. When not creating content, she can be found reading, snacking, or snuggling her two cats and massive puppy.