To our valued and respected clients, staff, friends & partners:

imageDESIGN has some very exciting news to share with you!

In December 2021, Ryan Blais purchased Nine10 from his business partners, Cris Seppola & Richard Podsada. As a part of this transition, Ryan opened a conversation with Marcus Vanstone from imageDESIGN who had also recently bought out his founding partner, Nan Swanston.

The conversation grew from a seed of an idea to a spirited agreement that would combine the two Peace Region leading agencies to maximize their product & service offerings. Having been in the market for 16 years (nine10) and 22 years (imageDESIGN), their wealth of experience speaks for itself and as a team, they can equip you with a complete road map for all of your branding and digital marketing needs. Although the merger is taking place in 2022, the initial dialogue about “one day merging” began 10 years ago when Ryan shared office space with imageDESIGN for his then startup GoSocial.

Lynsey Dalen with Elle Bell Sales Co. came into the picture as Ryan was building out the business plan for the expanding nine10 Training Academy – the Digital Marketing Bootcamp – and understood the growing need for online business training. Lynsey has been a passionate creator of sales training for women since 2019 when she created her company and has been delivering sales & business solutions both online and in-person to the market ever since. Lynsey was invited by Ryan & Marcus to join a 3-way merger that would bring together the experience and skills of all three agencies, creating an opportunity for growth throughout the Province and beyond.

With these three brands, personalities and unique skill sets combined, the partners believe they can offer a full & complete digital marketing experience that includes everything from creating a brand from scratch to learning how to use it like a seasoned professional.

The new nine10 is committed to streamlining your digital presence & performance while providing an innovative education that will elevate your business & your brand in the market.

On behalf of Marcus, Lynsey & Ryan, we are sincerely grateful for your continued support and we look forward to serving you with a creative passion, a drive for continued improvement and a dynamic energy for years to come!

For Media Inquiries please contact:

Ryan Blais

Partner, CEO

Marcus Vanstone

Partner, COO

Lynsey Dalen

Partner, CMO