imageDESIGN knows that marketing and advertising in today’s world is not an easy feat. It is a necessary part of a business, afterall how will consumers learn about your product or service? Consumer behaviour and technology are constantly evolving, so a singular approach to advertising will not likely get your business the best results. Effective marketing and advertising must use a combined strategy to best utilize the marketing communications mix.

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With all the clutter out there, how can your business stand out?


Guiding you with a Marketing Consultation

Working together, we will review past marketing and advertising to see what yielded positive and negative results based on your business’ goals and objectives. Through this audit we will help you determine future marketing and advertising approaches that will help your business achieve those goals.


Developing a Marketing Plan unique to your business

We will work with you to develop an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan (IMC) based on your business’ goals and objectives.The IMC combines all forms of marketing communications into a unified program that maximizes the influence on consumers. All channels are considered and utilizes complementary media to work together to achieve measurable results for the goals and objectives set out by you.