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Social media has an important role to play in today’s digital marketing. We look to the digital world for information, to share our stories and to connect. This is where the customers are, as well as our competitors. It is important to keep up with the social trends and not be left behind.

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Social Media allows businesses to be more than just a business, it connects you to your consumers and grows relationships creating trust and giving your business a human factor touch that allows brand loyalty and relationships to form.

Many businesses struggle with social media and social media marketing because they haven’t set up a fixed plan. They start with the end in mind instead of creating a strategy that will lead them to their goals and objectives. As with any channel in marketing, a strategic plan is crucial for positive results that are worth the effort.

What can we do?

Guiding you with Social Media Consultation

Working together, we will audit your business’ past social media practices and determine the most effective plan to help you achieve your social media goals.


Developing a Social Media Branding Kit.

Using your branding standards we will develop a kit with everything you need to stay consistent with your business’ look on social media. Templates, profile images, banners, ad templates and more for your platform of choice.

Helping with your Social Media Management.

Keeping up with social media can be exhausting and get unintentionally neglected. We can help your business become consistent on your platform of choice. With up to 12 posts per month, you can grow your audience and achieve your social media goals. 


Developing a Social Media Strategy.

We will work with you to develop a strategy that is user friendly, gives measurable results and is based on your goals and objectives. 

At imageDESIGN we will work in a stepped timeline that is set up for information gathering, strategic development, implementation, evaluation and measurement.